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Name:  Danyell Noel Russi
Age: 14
Location: Sunshine state
Gender: Female

Top 8 bands:
8. beloved
7. saves the day
6. dashboard confessional
5. Brand new
4.  coheed and cambria
3. Bright eyes
2. taking back sunday
1. AFI
Three movies:
3.  Romeo and juliet
2. cant hardly wait
1. abandon

Five books:
5. clockwork orange
4.  practical christianity

3.  romeo and juliet (its a play but who cares)
2. mommie dearist
1. our bands could be your life

favorite Actor/Actress:
katie homes

Three things you can do:
1. scream
2. cuddle
3. hardcore dance
Three things you wish you could do:
1. deepthroat
2. play drums
3. run fast
Three things you can't live without:
1. music
2. boys in tight pants

3. your mom
Three phrases/words you say everyday:
1.  eat my cunt
2. crunk booty

3. shut up
Three pet peeves:
1. annoying people
2. people who dont like cool music 
3. people who dont like cool music but get the guys who do like the cool music
Three things you're scared of?:
1. feettt ewww
2.  retarded people
3. hieghts
-Somethings I like to do  : music, scat, shows, chat it up on AIM, communities, Livejournal,

-I'm an Emo_elitist because : I dont like alot of people.

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