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Name: mallory
Age: 15
Location: arizona
Gender: girl
Sexuality: straight

Top 8 bands:
8. bright eyes
7. pretty girls make graves
6. the bled
5. cursive
4. saves the day
3. the juliana theory
2. le tigre
1.  american football

Three movies:
3. igby goes down
2. harriett the spy
1. fast times at ridgemont high

Five books:
5. special by bella bathurst
4. the perks of being a wall flower by steven chbosky
3. requiem for a dream
2. the fuckup
1. the giving tree by shel silverstein

favorite Actor/Actress: actress is maggie glyenhaal, actor is keiran culkin

Three things you can do:
1. fit my fist in my mouth
2. dance electronically well
3. make people laugh
Three things you wish you could do:
1. play an instrument
2. speak french
3.  drive well
Three things you can't live without:
1. music
2. friends
3. the color clear
Three phrases/words you say everyday:
1. fuck
2. just let it happen
3. shut up doush
Three pet peeves:
1. ignorant people
2. when people step on the back of my shoes
3. people that think theyre cool but theyre not
Three things you're scared of?:
1. failure
2. lonelliness
3. eh...
-Somethings I like to do (list some things you like to do on your free time that might encourage a YES vote)dance naked in the mirror, go to local shows, watch movies, hang out with friends, swim, read, write

-I'm an Emo_elitist because (just sell yourselfs to the people) because i know a lot about emo. i am emotional. and elitist. therefore one and one make two.

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