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Name: Age: Location: Gender: Sexuality: Top 8 bands: 8.Rooney 7.MxPx 6.Story Of The Year 5.Bayside 4.Blink-182 3.The Used 2.The Cure 1.Taking Back Sunday Three movies: 3.The Fight Club 2.The Breakfast Club 1.Moulin Rouge Five books: 5.Gillver's Travels 4.Do comics count? 3.Left Behind 2.Harry Potter 1.The Perks Of Being A Wallflower favorite Actor/Actress: Angelina Jolie, Kyrie Knightly (spelling?) Three things you can do: 1.skate 2.play guitar 3.sing Three things you wish you could do: 1.fly 2.eat cottage cheese without puking 3.drive Three things you can't live without: 1.my guitar 2.girls 3.mexican food Three phrases/words you say everyday: 1.loser 2.later 3.homie Three pet peeves: 1.people who spell "a lot" like "allot" or "alot" 2.stupid people 3.PeOpLe Hoo TAWLK lYk DiS!!??! Three things you're scared of?: 1.CLOWNS 2.pain 3.forks -Somethings I like to do (list some things you like to do on your free time that might encourage a YES vote) I like to ride quads out back of my house, and my horses as well. I love playing guitar, singing, and writing for my band. I also like sports (not football) and um... I suck at this question. -I'm an Emo_elitist because (just sell yourselfs to the people) CUZ IM LYK WAY HAWT, CATCH MUH DRIFT YA?? no. just kidding. cause im an emo loser that needs some friends.
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