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Name: Audrey
Age: 16
Location: California
Gender: vagina
Sexuality: straight

Top 8 bands:
8. My chemical romance
7. The matches
6. Against me!
5. Rufio
4. Death cab for cutie
3. Saves the day
2. Fall out boy
1. Brand New
Three movies:
3. donnie darko
2. the breakfast club
1. boondock saints

Five books:
5. The virgin suicides
4. perks of being a wallflower
3. go ask alice
2. sloppy firsts
1. the bell jar

favorite Actor/Actress: adam brody, molly ringwald

Three things you can do:
1. draw
2. uhh........origami
3. make good mix tapes
Three things you wish you could do:
1. fly
2. play gutair
3. sing
Three things you can't live without:
1. cheesecake
2. music.......
3. friends
Three phrases/words you say everyday:
1. Biznatch
2. i hate you
3. Rhar
Three pet peeves:
1. stereotypical people
2. when people leave me their shit to clean up  damn them                      3. noises while im trying to sleep
Three things you're scared of?:
1. Gnomes
2. being alone
3. dark corners
-Somethings I like to do (list some things you like to do on your free time that might encourage a YES vote) Be online and do stuff.  make icons in adobe photoshop uhhh...organize things

-I'm an Emo_elitist because (just sell yourselfs to the people) im emo-ly elite. hah. i dont know. because..........erm.......i do stuff.  well not the best answer but hey

^^^^my loverly shoe^^^^

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