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•name: hi my name is danni :]

•age: fourteen.

•location: la crosse, wisconsin.

•gender: female.

•sexuality: very straight

•top 8 bands:
    8. skycamefalling

    7. the cure<33

    6. brand new

    5. taking back sunday

    4. bright eyes

    3. explosions in the sky

    2. boys night out

    1. against me!..and more

•three movies:
    3. donnie darko

    2. requiem for a dream

    1. vanilla sky

•five books:
    5. this lullaby by sarah dessen. i'm not really sure why but theres something about it that made me read it three times in one day, its sooo good.. i highly suggest it.

    4. i really like the way echo by francesca lia block was written.

    3. you remind me of you by eireann corrigan...ohh man, that book made me cry so much, its so good! :[

    2. of course dr. seuss... that man was amazing with his rhyming.

    1. keeping the moon by sarah dessen as well.. that book is incredible.

•favorite actor/actress: jake gyllenhaal.

•three things you can do:
    1. help people out/give advice

    2. be fuckin crazy ;D

    3. sleep

...that made me sound so boring hahah

•three things you wish you could do:
    1. play guitar

    2. daaaance

    3. this weird thumb thing that my best friend can do

•three things you can't live without:
    1. my best friend.

    2. musicmusicmusic. i'd go crazy without it.

    3. my cons from 6th grade. they're all ripped up & falling apart, but i've been wearing them for 5 years and i'm not stopping anytime soon.. no matter how many people offer to buy me new shoes.

•three phrases/words you say everyday:
    1. wicked fuckin sweet

    2. shut up

    3. you're a dork

•three pet peeves:
    1. chewing with your mouth open & breathing REALLY loud while you eat

    2. clicking pens over and over and over and over and overrrr again

    3. smoking

•three things you're scared of:
    1. losing everyone close to me

    2. dying alone and without ever getting to say goodbye to anyone

    3. ...the ring

•somethings i like to do: go to shows, hang out with friends on the weekends, midnight bowling!!, go to bombers, and go to more shows.

•i'm an emo_elitist because my music is better than yours.

keep it rizzeal, peace, love, conserve water, recycle.
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